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Wagyu pro
Ajánlataink éttermek és üzletek számára.

Trampled litter stable and stress-free butchery improvement

The main goal of Itterem LLC's management is to have an animal friendly wagyu livestock farming with ecological aspects taken into consideration, where the meat is processed in an up-to-date environment. The ranch will undergo an enormous development in 2017, when a new site is going to be built soon with a covered cattle stable, auxiliary buildings and a modern stress-fee butchery.

Up-to-date trampled litter stable comfort with efficient solutions

A completely new cattle farm with all the required accessory is going to be built near Vasad and Csévharaszt from the nearly 500 million HUF development. The central building is a covered 3200 square meter trampled litter stable which - like the whole farm – is designed to give home to 220-250 wagyu bovines. The buildings storing hay, straw, grain, manure and vehicles are directly connected to the central stable.

On this video you can see how our state of the art trampled litter stable looks like.

The stable and the whole farm is automated: a robot automatically provides litter (straw) for the animals, watering the livestock and manure-management is also automated. Moreover a dedicated unit is responsible for the quality of the stable's air – it intervenes automatically during strong winds or during heatwaves in summer. The technology, produced by Stahltechnik LLC makes it easier to operate the farm by providing a stress-free environment for the valued wagyu herd. 

Probably the farm's only non-automated activity is feeding the animals. There are several reasons for this. On one hand the animals receive different kind of fodder based on their age-groups and their actual nutrient requirements, so an automated feeding system would have been complicated to implement. On the other hand this way the keepers can observe the conditions of each individual animal better, and step in if they see any health issues.

Stress-free butchery

The farm's other important unit is the stress-free state-of-the-art principle and standard compliant butchery & meat maturing facility. Integrating the butchery and the stable into one territory resulted in no need for animal-transportation, thus saving the animals from a lot of unnecessary stress.

Animal-friendly design, complexity, efficiency

When the engineers designed the ranch, it has been to the best interest of the wagyu livestock. Because a livestock that is held under proper stress-free conditions is happier, healthier, with better results, less problems and better meat quality.
The following draft shows the farm's design with the central stable, the butchery and the connecting buildings. 



Efficient, animal-friendly and infection-preventive nail trimming, weight measurement and treatment

For treating the animals in the quickest, most simple and least error-prone way, we bought a state-of-the-art Bräuer Stalltechnik universal hot-dip galvanized treatment-stocks. The side walls of the stocks can be positioned hydraulically: after the bovine is steered in, the side walls are adjusted - tightened - to the size of the particular animal, so that it is safely "locked" during the procedure. The stocks contains a neck ring, a nail trimmer and a digital scale for measuring the weight growth. An other big advantage of having an own stocks is that only the farm's livestock uses it, so there is no chance of the precious wagyu livestock getting infected by a different herd during nail trimming for example.

Efficient and environmental-friendly material handling, logistics

One of the most important part of a ranch is an universal tractor – they provide a perfect solution on fields, highroads, in the stable or for other jobs in the farm. In our ranch we have a T5 Tier 4B machine - made by New Holland - for material handling. It is not just nice to look at but it also has an efficient and environmental-friendly engine. The machine is only 2.6 meters high, so a lower inner height doesn't cause a problem for the T5 either. The tractor is equipped with a front loader which is controlled by an operating handle within the cabin – so it is fit to do any work that occurs in the farm.