Wagyu pro
Wagyu pro
Ajánlataink éttermek és üzletek számára.

The artfully marbled wagyu

Wagyu, the Japanese beef is one of the best in the world. It has unique genetic features, the livestock receives forage specialized for it's breed so that the meat becomes artfully and evenly marbled with rich colors, soft and tender texture and incomparable fatty acids content. Wagyu stores its fat reserves evenly between the muscle fibers, which makes the meat butter-soft even after roasting. Wagyu contains 30 percent more unsaturated fatty acids than the best European breeds, and this special fat content can dissolve even at 7 degrees Celsius, shocking the meat gourmet's taste buds with unique and distinctive flavors.
Hungary's – or even Europe's - biggest clean bloodline Japanese wagyu stock is located in the 150ha ecological corridor of Csév-prairie, Pest county. With its GMO-free and semi-natural livestock farming it can cater for the needs of the neighbouring and other European countries, as well as for the Hungarian wagyu-lovers and the restaurants looking for premium quality meat.

The real Wagyu meat...


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One of the biggest European wagyu livestock

The pastures in the 150ha ecological corridor of csév-prairie, located in Pest county, near the villages of Vasad and Csévharaszt gives home to one of the biggest wagyu livestock in Europe, taken good care by the experts of Itterem Ltd. The animals reside in their natural environment in free range, while the farming is semi-natural and strictly follows the rules of sustainability. The herd can provide the markets and the premium meat&steak lovers of Hungary and Europe with qualified, first class carcass and other meat products, produced in an ecological grassland management, where the animals receive fodder constantly supervised by Biocontroll LLC.

The pure-bred wagyu breed

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