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Terms and Conditions

The following General Terms and Conditions (henceforward: GTC) contains the rights and obligations of Itterem Mezőgazdasági Ltd., the operator of the WAGYU webpage – – (HQ: 4225 Debrecen, Szentgyörgyfalvi Str. 9., company registration number: 09-10-000567; tax number: 25929870-2-09;. E-mail:; Phone Nr.: +36 20 519 3806; henceforward: Service Provider) and the Client using the online services (henceforward: Client). Service Provider and Client are referred as Parties henceforward.

1. General information

1.1. The current GTC if effective to any online services in Hungary which is provided through the website – that provides information and communication services - under the domain. Moreover the current GTC is effective to any business transactions within Hungary that are conducted between the Parties in the way described by the contract.

1.2. The operator of the website – Itterem Mezőgazdasági Ltd. – provides general and professional information for end users, partners, customers and the public about the home breeding of the japanese wagyu cattle, the distribution of wagyu carcass and special beef products, and other solutions in connection to product distribution.

1.3. Everyone can browse the website free of charge and everyone can use its services as long as the information was achieved and the current GTC was accepted.

1.4. Operating the website is done by Itterem Mezőgazdasági Ltd.

HQ: 4225 Debrecen, Szentgyörgyfalvi út 9.
Phone Nr.: (+36) 30 6358080, (+36) 20 5193806

2. Request for quotation on the website

2.1. The visitors and partners of the website have the possibility to compile a general or a product-specific quotation in the quotation column on the website, and to send the composed quotation to our office and colleagues with the help of the webpage.

2.2. Our colleagues will process the received requests as soon as possible. They will contact the client through the provided contact information and within a couple of days they will send an accurate quotation about the ordered service / product.

2.3. Our company will do everything in order to answer the received questions professionally and in a timely manner, but we cannot take responsibility for any damages and legal consequences that happen because the quotation fails to arrive to our mail box due to internet connectivity issues, network errors and other unforeseeable issues.

3. Copyrights

3.1. The whole website and every element of it is copyrighted. The Service Provider is the copyright holder or the entitled user of the website, its content, any author's and other intellectual work, the graphics, the structure of the website, any information that can be found on the webpage, any data processing methods etc.

3.2. The website's copyrighted content is the intellectual property of the Service Provider and they cannot be used, copied, stored in any way without the written consent of the Service Provider.

3.3. In case the content, or a specific element of the WAGYU MEAT website, or the content accessible from the website via links potentially cause copyright issues, then contact our colleagues at customer services!

After examining the marked content we will immediately remove the offensive content or the links pointing to it.

4. Others

4.1 Browsing the website assumes that the user is familiar with the technical and engineering restrictions of the internet and is willing to accept the issues that come from its use.

4.2 The Service Provider is not responsible for any harm that was caused by joining the website. It is the visitor's responsibility to assess what is needed to protect his/her computer from intruders. Only the visitor is responsible for connecting the website and for any activities done on it. The operator cannot be held responsible in case of a force majeure. It is considered force majeure if an error occurs in the network which stops the webpage from working flawlessly, causing problems in using its services and if the sent or received data is lost. The Service Provider is not responsible for any damage caused by joining the website.

4.3 The website is hereby informing its users that their data is going to be stored for being able to fulfill a possible future service or shopping contract and for being able to prove that conditions of the contract are met. The data is not handed over to a third party, unless the third party is a subcontractor of at the time of contract fulfillment. The subcontractors are not entitled to store, use or forward to a legal or natural person any personal data coming from the website. They can only use the data for providing a seamless service for the users. The operator of the webpage manages the data according to the effective Data Protection Acts and the Data Protection Policy of the website.

4.4 The contracting parties are going to do everything in order to resolve disputes via negotiations. If that is not possible, then the Courthouse of Debrecen is going to be assigned to the law case.

4.5 The Service Provider is entitled to modify the conditions of the current GTC unilaterally. The modification comes into effect once it is published on the website.

Debrecen, 2017. May 1.