Wagyu pro
Wagyu pro
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The healthy wagyu beef

Beef in general is one of the richest nutrition-dense foods, which contains almost every essential nutrients but in a more intense way than other meat. Thanks to the special fat components, wagyu has additional advantages as well.

Beef is on of the most important proteins, it contains the right amount of Vitamin B12 and zinc for the body. Proteins are vital for the body, our muscles are made of them. Vitamin B facilitates the caloric intake from foods, while zinc is vital for a healthy immune system, to prevent getting sick.

Beef on the other hand is an excellent source of phosphorus, which is an essential nutrient for our bones and teeth. Iron also plays an important role in our body, it helps the blood in providing oxygen to muscles and cells, thus helping to overcome tiredness.

An other important component of beef is the fat stored between the muscle fibers, which usually consists of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. We know now that consuming too much saturated fatty acids is unhealthy. Ideally we should consume three times more unsaturated than saturated fatty acids. (Nowadays in Europe it is just the opposite, we consume much more saturated than unsaturated)

What is the difference between the two fatty acids?

Grease consists of fatty acids, which are connected to each other by chemical bonds. It depends on these bonds' quality which group the particular fat belongs to. There are certain kinds of fatty acids whose fat molecules are connected with single bonds. These are what we call saturated fatty acids, and we can say about them in general that they damage the cardiovascular system. This type of fat is responsible for high cholesterol, overweight, occlusion and arteriosclerosis.
Among the chemical bonds of unsaturated fatty acids there is at least one double bond - monounsaturated fats – and there are some types that have two or even more double bonds – polyunsaturated fats. Generally cold pressed vegetable oil and fish oil have these kind of chemical bonds. Unsaturated fatty acids can help dissolving vascular depositions, reduce cholesterol level, so basically they work against the harmful effects of saturated fatty acids.

Wagyu contains more healthy fatty acids

According to studies wagyu can contain up to 30 percent more unsaturated fatty acids than the best European brands, so in this regard it is considered one of the healthiest kind of beef.

It is not only healthy but because the fat reserve is evenly stored, every part of the meat is equally tender, smooth, soft, full of flavors and least but not last it also gives an aesthetic sight for gourmets.